Pressure Washing

The accumulation of dirt, pollen, and other debris on your property’s siding, driveway, or deck is inevitable. Every breath of wind and every rainstorm ingrains just a little bit more grit into your exterior surfaces. Eventually, enough of these particles collect to form an ugly film—one might even call it Mother Nature’s graffiti. If you’ve noticed that any part of your property is looking dingy because of this nuisance, the pressure washing services team at Champion Cleaning Contractors, Inc. can help. Just one phone call can transform a tired-looking building into a gorgeous part of the neighborhood.

What Are the Benefits of Pressure Washing?

The biggest perk of pressure washing services is the visual effect. When you compare photographs of the same surface before and after professional pressure washing, it is immediately apparent that the cleaned surface is brighter and more presentable. Remember, even though the old adage warns us to never judge a book by its cover, many of your guests, neighbors, and customers will do so unconsciously. Maintain a positive image by paying as much attention to your property’s outer appearance as you would to the inside: Contact Champion Cleaning Contractors, Inc. to get started on your power washing services today.

Another reason to pressure wash decks and paved surfaces is health and safety. That’s right—those tiny little particles can actually hurt you. When a film of grime builds up on surfaces that people walk on, traction can be compromised, drastically increasing the likelihood of slips and falls.

It is also a good idea to pressure wash house grime away if you’re interested in painting or other renovations. When you start your project with a clean slate, you can be sure that your new look will be applied smoothly and evenly. The same logic applies if you’re interested in resealing your deck or driveway. Taking the extra step to pressure wash deck gunk away could make a huge difference in your final results.

How Do Pressure Washing Services Work?

A spray from a basic garden hose simply does not compare to professional power washing services. Our method uses a combination of heat, special detergent, and pressurized water to dislodge deeply embedded materials that other methods could not reach. Your power washing contractor will begin by assessing the surface in question and determining which settings would be most effective at cleaning away the grime without damaging your property. Then, after adjusting the machine accordingly, your power washing contractor will hook up to your home water source and use steady, even strokes to efficiently and effectively remove all the dust, pollen, and dirt without causing any damage to sensitive areas, such as windows or wood.

Why Choose Champion Cleaning Contractors, Inc.?

When you choose Champion Cleaning Contractors, Inc. you can expect nothing less than speedy service and careful craftsmanship from a professional power washing contractor. We have been providing pressure washing services to customers throughout Westchester County and environs for nearly 30 years, and in that time we’ve successfully completed jobs of all types and magnitudes. Our staff knows how to work with various conditions so you can be sure that your surface will be thoroughly cleaned. We are fully licensed and insured, and our cleaning experts strive for your complete satisfaction. If you’re looking for professional power washing service in and around White Plains, look no further than Champion Cleaning Contractors, Inc.

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