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At Champion Cleaning Contractors, Inc., we include vacuuming as part of our routine home and office cleaning services. But for those times when regular vacuuming isn't enough, we're also pleased to offer carpet cleaning services. An effective way to deep-clean your carpeting, carpet steam cleaning can remove many kinds of stains as well as clean your carpets on the deepest levels. Working to provide Westchester-area homeowners and businesses with comprehensive cleaning services for nearly 30 years, Champion Cleaning Contractors, Inc. is your answer for carpet cleaning service and so much more. Call now to schedule your appointment for residential or commercial carpet and rug cleaning!

Did you know that even the most powerful vacuum can't reach the deeper levels of your carpeting, and that particles like dirt, pollen, and other allergens remain trapped in the carpet's lower layers? Over time, this grit and gunk can really build up, keeping your carpeting from looking its best and even creating the possibility of health concerns like allergies. However, there's a better solution than just installing all new carpeting. Champion Cleaning Contractors, Inc. provides some of the best carpet cleaning services in Westchester County, and we can deep-clean your carpet to get it looking clean and fresh in a jiffy.

Our professionals use a steam rug cleaning technique to thoroughly clean your carpets from top to bottom. At Champion Cleaning Contractors, Inc., our carpet cleaning company uses environmentally friendly solvents and the power of steam to effectively dissolve the built-up particles in your carpeting. This system enables us to target any accumulated debris without over wetting your carpeting (which can lead to issues with mold and mildew). With our high-power carpet steam cleaning, we can ensure that even the lowest layers of your carpeting are safely and completely cleaned, helping your rugs look fresher and eliminating any possible health risks from trapped allergens, pollen, and even bacteria. We've been providing carpets cleaning services for nearly three decades, and we use all of our experience and expertise to make certain you get only first-class service and carpeting that looks practically brand new!

Remember, most carpet manufacturers recommend bringing in a carpet cleaning company to steam your carpets at least once a year. This helps prolong the life span and appearance of your carpets as well as reduces the risk of accumulated allergens making your family sick.

For more information about carpet steam cleaning, or any of our other extensive home and office cleaning services, please don't hesitate to call Champion Cleaning Contractors, Inc. today. One of our pros would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Since 1982, Champion Cleaning Contractors, Inc. has worked to bring Westchester County top-quality professional cleaning services from qualified housekeepers. Our goal is always first-class results at an affordable price. From one-time maid service to weekly housekeeping services to pressure washing, we're the expert cleaning service business you need. Call today for your free estimate!


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